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Check the full agenda here from Woff Land for the next month of February! And here you can check the training classes! 

Let's go to the movies!

Your movie evenings are about to gain a new flavour at MAR Shopping Algarve's Movie Nights!

Now, for only €9 you get to go to the movies and dine at any MAR Shopping Algarve member restaurant and get a 3 hour free bonus at LEGO® Fan Factory and for only €15, you can also enjoy your movie along with a dinner masterfully designed and prepared by our Chefs from the Algarve Chef Experience and you’re still getting the 3 hour-free-bonus at LEGO® Fan Factory!


Algarve chef experience

Algarve Chef Experience

Algarve Chef Experience Project was inaugurated in January of 2017, at MAR Shopping Algarve. 

The Investment form Ingka Centres to innovate the gastronomic diversity of the centre's food court guarantees the daily presence of four restaurants, created by the renowned chefs Leonel Pereira (Thais Brás), Louis Anjos (My Pastta), Guy Doré (G's Bistro) and José Domingos (Portuguese Lab).

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