prevent it like a gentleman 2019

Prevent it like a Gentleman

Prevent it Like a Gentleman!

Once again, MAR Shopping Algarve will support the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride event as well as the campaign “Prevent it Like a Gentleman”.


On September 29th, the shopping centre is the official stopping point for Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, the international solidarity event whose aim is for generating public awareness regarding male health issues, such as the fight against prostate cancer and suicide prevention.

From the 10th of September to the 20th of October, several initiatives inspired by the solidarity event will be promoted at the mall, in order to involve visitors into the cause for fundraising purposes.

You can check the event’s schedule and activities here:

10th SEP - 20th OCT - Free prostate cancer screening, by blood analysis, in partnership with the HPA Clinic of MAR Shopping Algarve, by prior appointment (contact 707 28 28 28). You can also register in the event and/or make a donation (the value is up to you and this is not a mandatory step)

10th SEP - 29th SEP - MAR Shopping Algarve visitors will be able to enjoy many activities, including a photography exhibition about the best moments of the 2018's initiative, through the lens of photographers Miguel Pires, Nuno Yoshi Coelho and Bernardo Lúcio. An exhibition of classic and vintage motorcycles will also be added to the programme, according to the DGR style guide, Café Racers, Bobbers, Trackers, Brats, Scramblers, Old School Choppers, Sidecars and Classic Scooters.

14th SEP - 15th SEP - Between 11am and 9pm, the mall will host Tattoo Live Sessions, by the hands of Paulo Badinha, from the Badinha Tattoo studio.

21st SEP - 22nd SEP - Between 11am and 9pm, it's time for some shaving, either hair, beard or moustache, at The Barberhouse.

23rd SEP - 28th SEP -  On the 1st floor of the mall, you can enjoy the special promotions from The Barbers.

All these initiatives will give you the possibility to make a donation for supporting the Movember Foundation, the biggest world wide organisation for men's health.

29th SEP - The shopping will officially be the stopping point for the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Algarve.